NavStudio Menu - Custom Save Document
Optional - (Manually Changing Menu Settings)
Menu settings may be manually changed outside of the visual interface by opening new_menu1.js with a text editor. Opening the menu with the visual interface will automatically reflect any manual edits previously made.
Optional - (Manual Insertion Instructions)
This menu may be manually added to any web page by first, pasting the statements below within the HTML source, and lastly, completing steps 1 and 2.

1. After pasting the statements modify the 'cdd__codebase' values so they point to the correct code folder (location of supporting menu files within your site). Terminate each folder location with a '/' (i.e. - cdd__codebaseXXXX = "my_folder/").

2. Finally, modify the 'src=' value of the datafile script tag (identified by - vqptag='datafile') to include your code folder (i.e. - src="my_folder/new_menu1.js").
Paste the following directly after your HTML documents opening <BODY> tag.
Paste this tag anywhere inside the HTML body (source code) of your document to position the menu.
Note: Manual menu insertion is only recommended for advanced web developers. The interface offers a complete visual soltuion for adding menus to you web pages (click the main 'Insert' tab in the visual interface).
Optional - FREE Menu Use!
Any web page displaying the link to OpenCube (shown below) may use this menu FREE of charge without restrictions. There is no catch, the keywords and link help spread the word about OpenCube. Please keep the link in a visible location, preferebly next to the menu.
DHTML Menu / JavaScript Menu by OpenCube
OpenCube Link - (Copy and paste the link below to your HTML source code.)
***Note: The links color and font size are enforced by the menu. To fully qualify, the link must appear in a static positioned HTML element..
DHTML Menu / JavaScript Menu - Created Using NavStudio (OpenCube Inc.)