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Are you ready to start managing your sales commission data more efficiently?


If so, we can help! Invertech Corporation is proud to introduce its Invertech Commission1 Sales Commission Software. This much anticipated release is a full featured software application allowing any company to create and manage sales commission data quickly and easily using sales information from either Peachtree Complete or Premium Accounting.


“It was extremely easy to setup and immediately conformed to our commission structure. It was 100% of what we needed right out of the box.?/font>

Mike Rourk

Applied Thermal Systems Team



In minutes you will be able to integrate the most powerful sales commission application on the market with your existing software showing you an immediate return on your investment. Featured utilities include:

  • Sales commission calculations based on user driven parameters

  • Commissions based on paid vs. unpaid invoices

  • Commissions based on gross revenue or gross margin

  • Sales draws against commissions

  • Commission generated on graduating scales

  • Administer split commissions

  • And more...

                   Stop wasting time exporting data!

With Invertech Commission1 software you can immediately begin to calculate sales commissions based on user defined commission parameters. No longer do you need to waste your time exporting data into Excel and re-formatting data, which takes away from you spending time running your business.

                   Why not just use reports?

Reports are great way to pull information out of a database to display in different formats. Most report writing tools also give you the ability to calculate formulas for sales commissions based on sales order / invoice data. What you can't do with report is manage sales commission payment information, which is one of the most critical aspects of sales commission administration. With Invertech Commission1 you can not only configure sales commission calculations specific to your company requirements but also track payments to each salesperson.

                   Establish your own parameters 

Invertech Commission1 puts you in complete control over how your sales commissions will be generated based on a selection of variables. Combine parameters to fit your specific company needs eliminating any customization. You may modify the commission parameters at any time providing you with the flexibility and scalability to grow your commission things with your company.

Don’t wait to get the functionality you need to better manage your sales commission data. Find out how Invertech Commission1 can impact your business TODAY.


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