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Invertech MRA?/font> provides any company with the ability to better identify their material requirements based on sales, forecasting, purchasing and available inventory. Within days of installation this affordable, easy to use inventory software will produce recommendations for purchasing and/or manufacturing that will have an immediate impact on your company. View Invertech MRA?/font> Screen Shots

Through a direct integration with the most popular accounting software systems on the market, Invertech MRA?/font> will extract your current data to calculate material requirements planning, while your company continues to benefit from your existing accounting software system

Benefits of Invertech MRA?/font>

  • Flexible - Integrates with the most popular accounting software systems on the market. Also imports information from  any system via Microsoft?/span> Excel.

  • Affordable -  making Invertech MRA a realistic solution for ALL companies

  • Easy to install and implement - You can begin to get material requirements immediately giving you the ability to lower your inventory costs AND eliminate shortages

  • Easy to use - Anyone can learn to use Invertech MRA eliminating the need to hire additional staff or dedicating a full time employee to managing software (which also costs you money!)

  • Fast - Material requirements can be generated multiple times each day providing you with the up to date information you need to make faster, more accurate decisions 

  • Powerful -  Integrates with your current accounting software so you can continue to enjoy the features of your accounting package AND have the additional functionality you need to run your business

“MRA by Invertech has enabled our organization to become the JIT supplier that today’s market place required.?/i>

Tim Light, Millwood Inc.

How it works


Communicating with the host system using a true integration Invertech MRA?/font> will extract existing data for further processing, returning quantity recommendations for purchasing and manufacturing to assist companies with planning their distribution or production facilities. This accurate material schedule also provides the building blocks for lean manufacturing with Invertech MRAPlus?/font>.


As fast and easy as this data transfer is companies can now calculate their material requirements several times a day, always knowing their current position. Sue O’Connor with Tramec, Inc. adds,  “MRA allowed us to balance our inventory and reduce our inventory costs within weeks instead of months or years. It is exactly what we needed. We never believed it could be this easy.?/span>


The results can be used to:

  1. Plan your manufacturing or distribution activities

  2. Anticipate fluctuations in the market or seasonable business trends and

  3. Increase your customer service levels by consistently meeting your customers required ship dates.

By extending the capabilities of your current accounting software, Invertech MRA?/font> provides improved inventory management within hours of installation. Invertech MRA?/font> also eliminates the need for expensive data conversions, training and education normally incurred when implementing new software.

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Clearly stated, all the benefits of an MRP system without the massive commitment of time and financial resources



Invertech MRA?/font> will help your company increase profits, improve efficiencies and save money by providing you with the appropriate information necessary to make the proper decisions. This can all be achieved without having to replace your existing system and begin all over again.


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