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"I would like to thank Invertech for a very speedy response to our request. Your company really is customer focused."

Bill Toft

Lawson Displays & Creative Design


"I believe Invertech Corp has provided the best support I've experienced with software.

Cindy Lee Culpepper

Western Shelter Systems


Invertech Corporation accepts technical support inquiries via fax or email. The available technical support options are listed below. Please let us know which option you prefer concerning future technical support correspondence. If you have questions concerning any of the technical support options you may contact us by email at support@invertech-corp.com.


All prices quotes as of the date listed are subject to change without prior notification. The Annual Support Services available are subject to terms and conditions. Please contact Sales at Invertech Corporation for current pricing on all support options.


Purchase Support Services


Technical Support Options


30 Day After Sale Support


In order to assist you get your Invertech MRA?/font> Plus software up and running as smoothly and quickly as possible, Invertech Corporation has included free support for 30 days after software shipment from Invertech. Our authorized technicians can assist you during the installation and set up phases to ensure your Invertech MRA?/font> Plus software is properly installed and configured in order to maximize performance. Click here to contact our support department.


Annual Support Agreement


Cost: 10% of software value


Invertech Corporation offers an annual support contract, which entitles your company to unlimited fax and e-mail support within a given calendar year, as well as access to our Internet technical support page, which will detail issues and solutions encountered by our development team. Invertech customers that have a current support contract may report issues or errors encountered, and seek issue resolutions to these issues while using Invertech MRA?/font> Plus by e-mail or fax. 


Training and educational services are not included in this annual support agreement and may be handled on a per incident basis. 


Customers possessing an annual support agreement are also entitled to free software updates within the product series (excludes shipping & handling). For example, if you are currently on version 4.0B and version 4.1A is released, this would be a free update, but a future release of version 5.0 would be an upgrade. Technical support may be contacted Monday ?Friday, from 8:00AM ? 5:00PM Eastern Standard Time  or by email at support@invertech-corp.com.


Support Incident

Cost: $50 per incident


Technical support will be available to all Invertech MRA?/font> Plus customers without a current Annual Support Agreement for a fee of $50 per incident. Training and educational services are not included in this annual support agreement and may be handled on a per incident basis.


Database Analysis and Repair

Cost: $100 per hour


If you are experiencing problems with your database, Invertech Corporation can analyze it for you and provide possible solutions for the problem. Database Analysis and Repair is not included with a current Annual Support Agreement. The database must be provided to Invertech Corporation in a .Zip format and e-mailed to our technical support department at support@invertech-corp.com. Click here to contact our support department so that we may promptly address your issue.

Purchase Support Services



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