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Managing Your Most Critical Resource Starts with Accurate Inventory

Are you struggling with inventory accuracy issues?

Start gaining confidence in your inventory quantity on hand levels with Invertech ICount?/font>, the most practical physical inventory add-on solution for Peachtree?/font> available!

Within minutes after installation you can start:

  • Increasing Inventory Accuracies

  • Determining Inventory Variances

  • Incorporating Cycle Counting Practices

Regain Confidence in your Inventory! 

Your inventory is one of the most important assets in your company. Managing this critical resource starts with establishing and maintaining accurate inventory levels. Without an accurate inventory control plan and the ability to execute it, you are wasting precious time and money.

“Knowing what you have is as basic to business as marketing, sales, manufacturing, purchasing, and accounting. Doing it right is a joy. Doing it wrong is unacceptable.?/font>


Roger B. Brooks1

Sunriver, Oregon - October 1992


If you have ever had to walk out into your warehouse to determine your inventory, this product is for you.


Eliminate wasted time counting inventory for each order. Now you can have more confidence in planning your inventory and committing products to your customers.  

  • Respond to customer inventory inquiries faster & more accurately

  • Establish inventory accountability practices

  • Plan your material & production scheduling activities more efficiently combined with Invertech MRA Plus?/font>

  • Automate Inventory Adjustments back into Peachtree

Invertech ICount will assist you in achieving your ultimate goal of 100% inventory accuracy. Contact us today to find out how you immediately put your inventory back on the right rack!



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