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Affordable Manufacturing Resource Planning for the Growing Enterprise


Today, business moves faster than ever, making identifying company requirements and managing the processes involved much more complex. Incorporating more products, more customers, more systems and more people makes the coordination of all these systems increasingly challenging, while still keeping your eye on the goal: meeting your demands. On top of all that, the demand and capacity may be constantly changing. 


Invertech MRA Plus manufacturing software allows you to balance your material, capacity and financial resources to facilitate optimal company-wide planning and performance. Call us today to find out how this lean manufacturing software system can impact your business today, showing you an immediate return on your investment.




Building on the solid foundation provided by Invertech MRA, companies can now add the remaining piece of the puzzle to better manage and schedule their material and capacity resources.  Providing these vital capabilities Invertech MRA Plus now allows you to evaluate your company needs, identify possible solutions, balance your priorities and arrive at an acceptable solution more accurately and more often!


Benefits of Invertech MRA Plus

  • Increases purchasing and production efficiency, reduces inventory carrying costs, eliminates shortages and out stocks

  • Enables user to plan for requirements at all levels; consolidates requirements for purchased, subcontracted and manufactured parts

  • Provides multiple schedules using adjusted time frames without having to reprocess material requirements

  • Production capacity scheduling remains in line with material requirements

  • Allows for more accurate production scheduling using updated resource standards based on actual operational input.

Invertech MRA Plus was designed to do for lean manufacturing, production and capacity what Invertech MRA has done for material requirements. Invertech MRA Plus completes the loop, providing a rich set of utilities designed for lean manufacturing to maintain and analyze your company’s capacity and production processes.  Invertech MRA Plus utilizes backward infinite scheduling techniques in its creation of production orders, queued by customer and or forecast due date. 


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Like Invertech MRA, Invertech MRA Plus was designed to be affordable and easy to use. With direct integrations to most of the accounting software leaders, this complete manufacturing requirements software can be installed and implemented within days, instead of months or years. Material and production scheduling can be created faster and more accurately, allowing you to review and adjust each schedule before production order creation. This puts you in charge of planning and scheduling, optimizing your company resource allocation and usage.


Build on a solid Microsoft?/font> foundation with ease of operation and maximum user understandability as the primary development goals, Invertech MRA Plus?/font> not only answers a basic need in manufacturing management but bridges the widening gap in software expense and value.




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