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Peachtree?/font> Complete and Premium Accounting

 Add On Software Systems


Invertech Corporation offers a variety of third party software applications designed to enhance your Peachtree?/font> Complete or Premium Accounting software. Each system was developed with the user in mind using the latest Microsoft?/font> technology.


To find out more about each of our available applications you may scroll through this page for a list of all products or click on the primary category below:



Advanced Inventory Control and Material Scheduling


Invertech MRA?  is a decision support utility designed to assist any company that maintains inventory with the vital analysis and planning activities required to manage inventory more efficiently. With a direct integration to the most popular accounting packages, Invertech MRA will analyze sales, forecasts, purchasing, inventory and bill of material data to determine your material requirements. The resulting analysis details part requirements for procurement and/or manufacturing required to satisfy your company demand. 


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   Invertech MRA Plus (Manufacturing Resource Analysis)


Manufacturing Resource Planning and Production Management


Invertech MRA Plus?/font>  was designed to do for production and capacity what Invertech MRA has done for material requirements. Completing the loop, Invertech MRA Plus uses material requirements generated by Invertech MRA to more accurately plan your capacity requirements and scheduled production activity. 



From pre-production planning through the analysis of job costs, Invertech MRA Plus has become an indispensable tool for many companies. Incorporating critical data from the shop floor, production scheduling is created faster and more accurately, allowing you to review and adjust each schedule before production starts. Detailed activity can then be entered on a job-by-job basis tracking labor, production and material usage. Production information can then be analyzed, providing the immediate feedback needed to improve overall plant efficiency.


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Sales Commission Management


Invertech Commissions1 is a customizable, user driven application provides you with multiple ways to generate commission structures by different criteria allowing you to setup your commission structures according to your specific company needs.


Manage commission payments applied to each salesperson based on commissions calculated quickly and easily. Detailed reporting also provides you with up to date detailed information pertaining to all sales commission activity.


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Physical Inventory


Start gaining confidence in your inventory quantity on hand levels with Invertech ICount?/font>, the most practical physical inventory add-on solution for Peachtree?/font> available!


Your inventory is one of the most important assets in your company. Managing this critical resource starts with establishing and maintaining accurate inventory levels. Without an accurate inventory control plan and the ability to execute it, you are wasting precious time and money.


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Manage your Customer, Vendor and Employee contact information between Peachtree?/sup> and Microsoft?/sup> Outlook?/sup>


PeachCOMM allows you to better manage your contact information between Outlook and Peachtree by automatically transferring customer, vendor and/or employee information from Peachtree into Outlook. PeachCOMM will even create sales order confirmations via email to your customers at your command as well as create new Outlook appointments with the click of a button.


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